Timing is Everything

An engine is obviously a very complicated piece of machinery.  There are many things happening at the same time that need to be monitored and controlled. Some of these things are computer-controlled, but the most important aspects of the motor are timed using a mechanical belt.  The timing belt controls the valves in the pistons and regulates the flow of air, gas, and exhaust through the motor.

If the timing belt breaks or is too loose and becomes off-time, the result can be a destroyed engine.  For this reason, manufacturers suggest replacing the timing belt at regular intervals.  This number is different for each vehicle, but most call for a replacement around every 60,000 to 90,000 miles.

It is well worth researching the state of your vehicle and the repair history in order to save yourself time and money.  Larsen Auto Care can inspect your vehicle, research the factory's specifications concerning the timing belt, and give you quotes and options for addressing your needs.

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